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АИР series three phase motors
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АИР series three phase motors

AИP series TANDARD Three phase motors including aluminum frame(H56-132) and cast iron frame(H56-355),with power ranged from 0.18kw-315kw, mainly exported to Russia market. They are widely applied in fan, water pumps, air compressors, hydraulic power unit, oil and steel machinery, etc.

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Working conditions:

Ambient temperature:-15℃-40℃

Altitude: Below 1000m 

Rated Volt: 220/380V,380/660V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz 

Wiring: 3KW and below using the star connection, 4KW and above with Delta-connection

Protection class: IP55

Insulation class: F 

Cooling method: IC411

Work duty: S1

Notes: Space heater, PTC, PTO are optional. And the oil holes are provided for motors with frame 160 and above. Terminal box can be changeable on the top, on the right and left. 

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