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Brake motors
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Brake motors

MSEJ series are three phase aluminum motors with brakes. Y2EJ series are three phase cast iron motors with brakes. They are installed with DC brakes,instantaneous braking, low noise. They are widely used in quick stop,accurate positioning, Reciprocating motion, frequent starting. Such as electric valve, mechanical machinery, wood-making machinery,construction machinery,etc.

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Use condition:

1.IP55, F class, B temperature rise,S1 duty

2.Rated voltage and frequency:380V/50Hz。

3.Ambient temperature: -20℃-40℃

4.Used under Altitude 1000 m

5.Star connection for motor power ≤ 3kW, delta connection for motor power ≥ 4kW  

6.Cooling mode: IC411.

brake mode: power-off braking, braking powered by rectifier in terminal box.

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